The Fete file: A fete convenor’s bible

The Fete file: A fete convenor’s bible

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How many times have I heard a new fete committee convenor lament: “There’s nothing written about the last one. All the paperwork’s missing!”. Well here we are solving that problem — the Fete file: A fete convenor’s bible is now here.  It really is tragic to think of the time and effort spent by so many volunteers forced every year to reinvent the wheel.
That’s not happening on my watch! So right now, before the coffee cups (or wine glasses) are cleared, resolve to create a Fete File. All the details of what’s needed in your handover and how to safely store this treasured material is in chapter 10 but for now, consider it anything and everything that’s relevant to the event, from start to finish.  Next year’s convenor will be so impressed.
If you set the expectation from the outset that you expect every person to complete a handover report for their areas of responsibility, they can’t complain about having to do it at the end, when they may consider their job ‘done’ and simply want to put their feet up.

Your pre-fete check list
There are 14 absolutely essential elements that need consideration early in your fete planning. If you have a fete file, check that these are included. Refer and update. Two of these — volunteers and sponsors — are just SO integral, that I deal with them separately.

Here they are:
1. Location
2. Entertainment (Amusement rides and On stage entertainment)
3. Insurance and risk management
4. Utilities
5. Hire a generator
6. Equipment hire
7. Money matters
8. Stalls
9.  First Aid
10. Publicity
11. Photography
12. Fete program
13. Sponsors
14. Volunteers

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