Fete in a Box

Welcome to our Fete in a Box!

Fete in a Box is now structured as a very useful countdown planner! Enter the date of your event, and our series of emails will count you down, with lots of fun and inspiration along the way!!

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For those of you late to the party (or who joined us via a random Google search!), this page before you is a part of our ‘Fete in a Box’ Countdown Guide. Our Fete in a Box also includes a shed-load of free templates and downloads.


Rule 1: Sign up to our Emails. We have literally scoured the seven kingdoms for the best tips for organising this massive event. You can read a lot of the detail here online, but you’ll really want to let us know the date of your event our countdown emails always have something a little bit extra in them!! Don’t get FOMO, just sign up here!!!

Rule 2: Tell our advertisers we sent you. It’s only fair, right? We do all this for you free (I have seriously been advised to charge for it but I just don’t want to *stomps feet*) and it is only made possible by the support of our wonderful advertisers. If you use any of them, please share the love and let them know that the Fundraising directory is the reason for your union 😉

Rule 2: Send us your stuff. Sharing is caring, right? If you have even the slightest inkling of something else we can include (or a document you have created that might be useful to others), use this button right here to become an even greater fete legend!