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6 Weeks to Go – ‘Fete in a Box’ Countdown Planner!

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What is ‘Fete in a Box’?

‘Fete in a Box’ is the ultimate expression of our mission at the Fundraising Directory ‘to save volunteers from having to reinvent the wheel all of the time’!

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xMandy aka the Fundraising Whisperer


Tip: thank you for sponsoring is a fete poster
Tip: Community sign off on hours for volunteering
Tip: Recruiting volunteers – use positive language


6 Weeks to Go! It’s time for:


  • Volunteers roster for the day
  • A bin empty roster/person
  • A toilet check roster/person




  • Communications: ride tickets avail in XX weeks tiered pricing / showbags to XX date
  • Advertise/ speak on each assembly
  • Marketing communications flyer
  • Organise posters and what to do with them – to display in local shops etc.


  • It’s not too late to get last minute sponsors – hurry before the flyer printing is locked in!


  • Time to chill because you’re going to be very busy soon hahaha,


  • Sell ride bands and showbag packages


  • Start to set up at outside venues such as local supermarkets. Don’t forget to hand out little flyers of the fete – if they don’t buy a raffle ticket at least they’ll know about your event!

☐ What’s not on this list but in the email 😉

  • An extra fun tip! Make sure you’ve signed up to our countdown emails so you don’t miss out!

Suppliers who can help you – Lucky Dips and Prizes

Below is a useful list of suppliers who can help you at this stage of organising your event. If you do end up booking with any of them, please let them know we sent you, so that they know, for sure, to continue supporting our good work!

Company:  Visit Website | Send Enquiry

Useful Articles

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Helpers standing out from the crowd!

Fete Video

Still coming! (be patient – if it had to be perfect before we pressed ‘go’, it would never happen!!!

Quickfind Guide:

Activities, Face Painters and Entertainment

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Amusement Rides and Jumping Castles

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Animals & Pony Rides

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Bulk Suppliers

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First Aid, ATMs & Services

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Food, Drink & Fun Foods

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Glow Sticks / LED

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Showbags, Novelties & Prizes

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Stall Supplies & Stallholders

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