2 Months to go

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2 Months to Go – Countdown!

On this page you will find:

What is ‘Fete in a Box’?

Our ‘Fete in a Box’ Countdown is the predecessor to our book: The Practical Fete Handbook for Fundraising Event Organisers! The book contains all of the information in this article and so much more – consolidated in an easy-to-read format, including the bonus: 99 Fete Stall Ideas! You can buy the book in printed form or as an eBook here.

2 months to go! It’s time for:


  • Make certain that the bulk purchasing (eg disposable plates, napkins etc) is well underway. See our tips here.
  • Send formal invitations to important people like local politicians and neighbouring schools.
  • Confirm all outside stalls, hire equipment and rides
  • Make sure that stall convenors are on track
  • Check if council paperwork (if any) is due
  • (If in South Australia) Send Safe Work SA paperwork – and include market stalls site plan in council paperwork
  • Order sun safety resources. You might be able to get a local pharmacy to donate sunscreen in exchange for a sign at the stand
  • Notify police
  • Forward Declaration of Activity Statement to the school/ Insurer with WH&S documentation if required
  • Confirm First Aid – and do they require power?


  • Organise walkie-talkies for convenors, logistics and money crew
  • Think about logistics on the day. A comment from one of our members on Facebook: “Our event started at 4pm, set up was all on the day! 6am was first delivery of lights/rubbish bins/toilets etc. Market stalls had a 2 hour window to set up, likewise with our book/cake/plant stall. It was hectic but doable as long as you have the manpower!”
  • Draw up Site Plan. Consider which stalls need power, which have danger concerns (hot oil, etc) and place these nearest a wall or building.
  • Consider stage location and place Coffee/alcohol tents, and public seating in this area.
  • Make the stalls flow around the area – there is nothing worse than going to a fete and everything is miles apart or mixed around
  • Complete a Risk Assessment
  • Prepare a run sheet for pick up of necessary marquees and tents for the Friday before the fete and the return run early the following week.
  • Organise a meeting with your electrician
      • Check school has adequate power supply for all appliances
      • Sufficient power leads available?
      • Are power leads tagged?
      • Generator required?
      • Lighting required?
      • WH&S checks completed?


  • Ask tuckshop suppliers for donations if you haven’t already
  • Sideshow prizes – order from novelty wholesalers, ebay or ali express
  • Allocate classes to stalls and involve the class parent reps to help send out notes to parents and organise rosters
  • Apply for liquor licence (if required) and laminate for display on stall on day.
  • Schedule convenors meeting
  • Set up volunteer sign up sheets – or download ours here for FREE
  • Send out link to volunteer sign up sheets


  • Keep sending out fete notes in the newsletter and updating the website. Try to build excitement at parades etc.
  • In the newsletter, ask for a couple of Fathers to volunteer as security, to stay over night at the school on Fete eve.
  • Who lives on a main road that can display corflute signs?
  • Ride band promotion notes should start going home now to all the children. 
    • Hot Tip: Ride bands – T&Cs
      • ‘Ours are non-transferable with others, no refund in case of rain or cancellation. The form states what rides are included as we have some that aren’t. This is clearly stated in the letter and reiterated in other communication methods.’
      • ‘We also write on the note that rides are subject to change without warning. (Just in case Company changes rides or has a problem with one and it can’t be used). Otherwise, it will be taken out on you!’
  • A flyer for the fete should be developed about now. Include Auction list, Sponsors and Site Plan/Layout as well as any drawcards
  • Invite other schools, churches, clubs, kindergartens, childcare centres


  • Collect donations
  • Send sponsor/donor logos to the person in charge of brochures and marketing.

☐ Treasurer

  • Check you have systems for money handling in place and have arrangements in place to order change
  • Organise if you haven’t already the security of your counting area and the banking of proceeds
  • Check that all sponsorship has been paid
  • Check that all stall fees have been paid

☐ Entertainment

  • Organise one or more entertainment MC for the day. This might be an outgoing teacher, local politician or real estate agent/ auctioneer
  • Finalise entertainment program including class entertainment
  • Send out entertainment program to school families
  • Finalise Outside entertainment
  • Useful resource – Entertainment Convenor Resources


  • For the multi-draw raffle, now is the time to send tickets home to be presold. Keep a record of all families receiving tickets, and those returned.
  • Start creating bidding sheets for the silent auction

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