Fete clean-up and fete wrap-up

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Fete Clean-up and Wrap-up

The fete wrap-up is not really over until the clean-up is finished, thank-you’s taken care of and the handover manual completed.

Once again many hands make light work… have the clean-up committee rostered prior to the fete (delegate somebody as the clean-up sergeant) — don’t just rely on your exhausted core team of helpers.
Many hands need rewarding. No matter how tired, the Fete Convenor needs to continue to show leadership and bon homie, breaking out drinks and cooking a simple barbecue dinner for all the helpers. It will be appreciated and remembered when next year’s fete comes around.
Now is a time to relax and breathe easy, with new and old friends. Offer any leftover food and other perishables that can’t be used at a later date to fete helpers.
If possible, read out the takings from each stall. People like to know that their hard work has paid off.
Within a week of the fete, the Fete Secretary needs to send out thank-you letters and certificates to sponsors (prepare these before the fete as you may struggle for energy afterwards!), as well as stall and task convenors. A thank-you to all volunteers should also appear in your school newsletter.
Once all costs are paid, and money is in, let your community know the final profit figure and how it will be used.
Within a fortnight, hold a wrap-up meeting at which all stall and task convenors return their folders with their handover report including updated information about suppliers, quantities, helpers, sales and recommendations for improvement. Pulled together, this forms the bulk of your fete manual.

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