Easter Basket Fundraiser

School’s back, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to start planning your fundraising for the year – why not try this quick and easy Easter Basket fundraiser (seeing Easter is only a month away!), to start your fundraising year.

Start by finding or if you’re artistically inclined, drawing a picture of an empty basket. It doesn’t need to be too fancy, just something like this is great:

Make a copy for each class in your school and attach them to a notice board or a mobile whiteboard, something that can be located in a central area. Near the office is usually a good idea. Label each basket with the class name or class teachers name.

Next, you’ll need to buy a stack of coloured round stickers. These represent the eggs to go into the basket, of course! Now it’s time to create some friendly class competition. Mwahahaha! 😉

Some of you may not know, but teachers can be VERY competitive, especially when bragging rights and a class reward are on offer!

Now, we get to the nitty-gritty of how it works:

  • Set your finish date – a couple of weeks should do the trick, you could even run it over a whole term but you might find competition loses momentum.
  • Sell each sticker for $1
  • The purchaser sticks their ‘egg’ in their class basket (purchaser maybe students, parents, teachers, siblings, grandparents. Basically, whoever wants to give you money.)
  • The class with the most ‘eggs’ at the finish date wins a class party funded by the committee.

The type of class party that is up for grabs is your decision, but a couple of suggestions are a pizza party, slime party (the winning class might get to slime the principal? – but make sure you have their ok first!) or a pool party.

PRO TIP: If you’re set up on a mobile notice board or whiteboard, boost the competition by moving your Easter basket fundraiser board into your hall or where ever you have your school assembly on assembly day so that all students, teachers and parents/caregivers can get a good visual on who’s winning.

Simple to organise and a small outlay for potentially large returns. This idea is very versatile as well and can be changed to suit other themed holidays. Pot of Gold for St Patty’s day, a cauldron of candy for Halloween or decorations for a gingerbread house for Christmas, like in the picture below.

Nothing like a bit of healthy competition to boost your committee’s coffers.

Regina Underwood
Fundraising Whisperer Freelance Writer
Regina is a mother of three and a P&C President. She knows firsthand the ups and downs of volunteering!

Originally published 5 March, 2018

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