Showbags – DIY

Volunteer Stories – DIY Showbags

This ‘DIY Showbags’ idea was submitted by Michelle for their Merrijig Family Fun Day as a part of our ‘Volunteer Stories’ Series.  We are committed to saving school and club volunteers from having to “reinvent the wheel” all of the time and this series aims to do that by sharing real life stories from other volunteers. If you have an idea to share (good or bad, small or huge), we would be most grateful if you would submit it here.

Event: Merrijig Family Fun Day

Submitted by: Michelle


We decided to design a Merrijig Family Fun Day showbag! We thought what’s a family fun day without a showbag! Although we did look at buying them, we felt we could make them with just a few differences such as local lollies and colouring pictures that were drawn specifically for the Fun Day! We had never done it before so had no idea on quantities – we made 50. Our company paid for most of the items and then we looked for donations where possible. I had stickers designed and we used environmentally friendly bags. I had the kids put them together and then sell them on the day! They loved being a part of it! We sold out!

The top 3 things about this idea or event

  1. Using Local suppliers
  2. Environmentally friendly bags
  3. Custom made.

The one thing you would have done differently

Made more than 50 cause we sold out haha

Editor’s Note: Congratulations Michelle, it sounds like these were a big hit. DIY can be very labour intensive – lucky you had your team to help out!