Creating a Memorial Area or Monument

Sponsor a Brick or Paver

This week’s tips explores the fundraising opportunities involved with creating a commemorative monument by way of sponsoring a brick or paver.

This year marks the commemoration of 100 years since Gallipoli, and this year and the coming years will mark a century of many milestones relating to the First World War. It is a time where schools or clubs might consider creating an Anzac memorial or monument to honour those past and present in your community who have served.

There are ways to fundraise to make this possible. You can invite families and local businesses to sponsor a paver and have their name or logo engraved on a brick which is used to pave the area around the monument. This creates a great visual effect at the same time as generating the funding required to complete the project

This idea has traditionally been used in conjunction with a major building project but I challenge you to think outside the box and use it to create something truly special for your community.

I am personally a sucker for symbols and tradition, so I’m really drawn to a well thought-out, meaningful acknowledgement of something important, particularly if costs can be covered by fundraising.

This idea can also be used to create an indigenous monument that honours and celebrates the traditional owners of the land.

It can also be used to create an area for a sculpture created by those in your community (or get in a professional that will get your students involved in the process) which could represent your school/ club motto or values.

It can also be incorporated into a garden area with bench seats for your community to enjoy.

To request an info pack on this way of fundraising contact signature engraving.

Happy fundraising!

Mandy Weidmann

Originally published 5 February, 2015

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