Cow Poo Lotto Fundraising

Looking for the funniest fundraising ideas?

This is a light-hearted fundraiser that is good for laughs and raising money.

It is a fundraiser that can be attached to any day-time event – all you need is a grassed area and a healthy cow, and you’re good to go!

It works like this:

Take a grassed area and mark a grid with white line-marking equipment.  Either number each square, or mark it with a proper grid formation so each square can be identified, eg A4.

Sell the ‘rights’ to each square.  Depending on how many squares, somewhere between $10-20 is a good amount. You can go higher if there are a very limited number of squares. If you are having this at a fete, try to sell the squares as much as possible before the day so the cow can ‘get started’ right away.

Cordon off the area so the cow stays contained and is not harassed by well-meaning children.  Be very kind and respectful to the cow and feed it lots of good food.

Then… you wait…. and wait… and wait!  It can take a long while so the tension can certainly build!

Finally, the ticket matching the location of the cow’s you-know-what is the winner!  The prize can be anything you like – a cash prize, a weekend away (including luxury car hire?), a year’s supply of milk? (as a grocery voucher of course).  The prize is limited only by your imagination.

Happy fundraising!
Mandy Weidmann

aka the Fundraising Whisperer