Cookbook Fundraising

We all know about the classic cookbook fundraiser where members of your community contribute recipes and a cookbook is created and sold to raise money.

No brainer.

We also know that there are cookbook publishers these days who will print short-runs of your cookbook at very affordable prices to have that ‘vogue’ look. They will also help with the layout and stock images for making it look great. (You can find such suppliers in our directory)

Sure… All good…

… but we can do better!

It’s time to get creative to produce an awesome cookbook that everyone will want to buy.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Produce an ‘If I Tell You I’ll Have To Kill You -Secret Family Recipe Cookbook’. Get everyone to contribute a recipe that has been passed down through the generations. Then get them to write a short blurb on what it means to them, and perhaps a photo of the person who passed it down. This could be really special and make your community stronger.
  • Put together a cultural collection. Encourage people to contribute a recipe from a country they identify with, and write a short blurb explaining the connection.
  • Get everyone to contribute recipes based upon a certain theme, like ‘Family meals in 20 minutes or less’. ‘No Brainer Mid-Week Meals’. ‘School Night Sanity Dinners’.
  • For high schools, try something like: ‘Dummies Guide to Teenage Cooking’ (ok my brain is hurting now – you can come up with a better title here!). At the same time, you can encourage your kids to take an active role in the kitchen.

There’s some food for thought anyhow *boom boom*.

Happy Fundraising!
Mandy Weidmann

aka the Fundraising Whisperer