Child-led Fundraising Ideas

While many fundraising ideas directly benefit our children, and their involvement is welcomed, sometimes we want to find fundraisers which can be primarily organised and led by children.

A child-led fundraiser is one where the majority of the planning and organising can be done by children. Obviously adults will always need to supervise, but sometimes we also want a break and allowing kids to take the lead can result in higher uptake and commitment from the very people, who the fundraiser will eventually benefit.

The children can be involved in designing and drawing posters, speaking in front of classes or at assembly to promote the event, and creating a small committee to plan the day. It is essential that they are also responsible for deciding what the money raised will be spent on.

Five cent fundraisers: kids organise a jar for each classroom and encourage students to bring in as many five cent pieces as possible. They can hit up their parents and families for extra coins.

Paper Plane Competition: can be held at lunchtime. Each entrant pays their fee and is allowed to build one paper plane. The winner is the plane that goes the furthest.

Free dress days: allow the children to choose a theme for a free dress day and collect a gold coin from each student. Click here for some alternative ideas to the standard ‘free dress’.

Raffle the principal’s chair: sell raffle tickets to students where the prize is being able to sit in the principal’s chair for the day (even better if the winning student swaps their child-sized chair with the principal, especially on assembly day).

Teddy Bears Picnic: for the smallest kids. Ask kids to design a poster each to take home to parents, asking for a small donation in exchange for kids having a teddy bear’s picnic lunch at school. Parents who join in can also bring a cash donation.

Fun Hampers: children choose a theme (Easter, craft, Christmas etc) and ask other students to bring in donations. Package the donations into a hamper. Sell raffle tickets during lunch breaks or at a school event.

Lemonade Stand: Kids love making lemonade. Ask students to bring in donation of lemons, sugar and plastic cups. Make up large batches of lemonade and sell at recess and lunch (make sure there are plenty of ice cubes ready).

Guess the number of jellybeans: simple fundraiser to set up by filling a large jar with jelly beans, lollies or other goodies. Students can make their guesses at lunch or recess.

Beautiful Bikes: get kids to decorate their bikes and scooters at home and bring them in for a bike beauty pageant. Entries must pay a small entry fee. Students can design posters to advertise the event and the principal can be the judge.

What other kid-led fundraisers can you think of?

Author: Shannon Meyerkort

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