What do you charge stall holders for a school fete?

Reader question:

What does everyone charge stall holders for a school fete? I’ve heard conflicting numbers so am open to hear what has worked for others.

Here are some suggestions from our Facebook community on what to charge stall holders:

  • It seems to vary greatly. Some fetes have lots of external vendors running their own stalls while others only have a couple for major sponsors and run most of the stalls themselves. Also space seems to play into it a lot. The more space you have available the more market style stalls you can have. If you only have limited space then you want to save it for stalls that will give you the most profit. Our fete only allows sponsors to have stall space. The level of sponsorship they pay determines whether they get it included for free in their sponsors package or if they have to pay an additional $500 for it.
  • From memory I think I’ve seen people in the group quote anywhere from $25 up.
  •  It’s what you want, what you can fit, what you think is reasonable, costs at markets around you etc. our big sponsors get a free stall. We charged $50 for promotional (non selling) stalls last year, and $100 for selling. This year all stalls in our busier section are $100 and all oval stalls are $50. We sold out of both areas. Markets can charge a lot more, so people take advantage of a new and different audience.
  • We did $30 if they were school families and $50 if not. And everyone had to contribute something $50 retail value which we used in the silent auction. I really liked that we were supporting our school community by offering a lower price for families.
  • We charge stall holders $50 for 3×3 stalls, with the option of donating a raffle prize and/or being part of the market trail.
  • Our students stalls free and everyone else was either 20% or a flat dollar amount.

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