Cake Stall Ideas

Bake Sale, Cake Stall, whatever you call them, they are a popular fete staple.  They are often a good fundraiser too, as the ingredients or baked items are often donated, leaving you to a healthy chunk of the profits!

While I’m sure we all have our heads around how to run one, here are a few tips to ‘level up’ in the presentation stakes. And an opportunity outside your school fete that you may not have thought of yet….

Cake Stall Tips

  1. We are told that we eat with our eyes. It makes sense then, that some thought goes into the presentation of your baked items. Goodbye Glad Wrap and paper plates! Hello professional packaging! It is an added cost but buying in bulk from packaging wholesalers (who often give schools and community groups discounts – just ask) can lead to real savings.  Why not ask those who don’t bake, to contribute to packaging costs instead?  Presenting items in consistent packaging makes stacking items easier and makes your stand look more professional as well.
  2. Don’t forget to make your cake stall look attractive as well.  Bare trestle tables are practical and readily available but boring.  Add a cloth, some bunting and some professional looking signage (check out Canva) and it can increase interest in what you have to offer at your stall. Try using rolls of brown craft paper, it’s a simple way to lift your presentation.
  3. More and more potential cake stall customers have allergies and intolerances.  One thing that has changed over the years, is the requirement to include an ingredient list on all items. Getting volunteers to bake can be difficult enough without asking them to handwrite all of the ingredients out as well.  Contact a short run, print-on-demand company, they can print out an ingredient checklist on a business card that you can tape or hole punch and tie to the baked goods. These save a heap of time, volunteer bakers can be given handful at the same time they get their packaging and are quite inexpensive.

Location, Location, Location

Lots of foot traffic is essential for a successful cake stall fundraiser.  Not having a fete? Other than major events and festivals there is another local option:

  1.  Bunnings isn’t just about Sausage Sizzles.  Contact your local activities co-ordinator and you may be able to have a stall near the entrance, on a busy Saturday. You’ll be able to take advantage of the hungry people milling around eating their Sausage Sizzles! And be sold out by lunch time!!

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking for your next Cake Stall. Happy Baking!

PS You can see our range of cake stall recipes here.

Originally published 2 August, 2017

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