Cake Poem for Cake Stall Donations

Today’s tip is about creative ways to encourage your families to participate. I am using the example of cake poems for cake stall donations, but the principles can be applied to anything you are asking for.

To make certain your cake stall has maximum profit, you need as many items as possible to be donated. Make certain your request is noticed by sending these poems home – a good idea is to print them onto stickers and then onto a paper plate.

Cake stalls are popular at fetes, but also as election day or standalone stalls. Newsletter requests don’t always work, so this method will help your request for donations stand out from the clutter!

The paper plates are a mere symbol – don’t expect the cakes to be sent back on them! They are also cheap to buy in bulk from the supermarket. Here are a couple of poems to get your creative juices flowing:

Attached to this rhyme is a paper plate
Upon which we would ask you to donate
Cookies, muffins, pies or a cake
Anything that you would like to bake
Your home-baked delights
Will satisfy our plight
And show that you care
About our summer fair
(Rae Surch)

Pat a cake, pat a cake hear our plea
fill this plate as soon as can be
buy them or bake them, we don’t mind
whatever you send us will be very kind!
(Lucy Baxter)

And our ‘website only’ poems……

I am a little plate
as lonely as can be
please won’t you bake some cakes
to place upon me.
(Julie Caines)

I am just a little paper plate
and only very small
but fill me up with yummy cakes
and we’ll sell them on our stall.
(Tracey Johnson)

Or you can do what I did once and send in money ( and a poem) instead of baking a cake!!

I know you asked for cake

Happy Fundraising!
Mandy Weidmann

Publisher of the Fundraising Directory and author of the Practical Fundraising Handbook for school and club volunteers.

Originally published 23 June, 2021

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