Bulimba Junior Rugby Club profile


Bulimba Junior Rugby Club

Name of Club

Bulimba Riverside Junior Rugby Union

Your name & position in the club

Sue Duke, Vice President

How long have you been involved in the club?

Nine years

How many members are in the club?

Approximately 230 players

How many people would be involved in the club? (eg 100 members with an average family size of 4)

There are around 1000 people involved in the club including life members who no longer have children playing at Riverside.

How do you currently fundraise?

We hold three functions a year, Mothers Day, a Fathers Function and a kids “Move-a-thon”.       

What are you raising funds for in 2015?

We are raising funds for coach development, player equipment and our benevolent fund which supports kids who would not otherwise be able to play rugby.

What is your total fundraising goal for 2015?


Do you have sponsorship deals in place and do you think you could do better from sponsorship?

We have sponsorship arrangements in place to supply team jerseys and playing gear for our players.

How did you gain sponsorship?

From current parents, former players and members of the local community.

How have you gathered volunteers to help you fundraise?

From the parent body.

Describe your experience in engaging volunteers.

Parents will often volunteer to support a function or cause they feel strongly about, however our volunteers are time poor and find it difficult to commit significant amounts of time to activities.

Which fundraisers have worked well in the past?

The Move-a-thon and the Fathers Function

How do you promote your fundraising efforts? (eg club only or outside the club)

Inside the club although from time to time we have parents outside the club and Life Members attend.

Do you use social media to promote the club’s fundraising efforts or just the club?

Social Media is used to promote the fundraising efforts. .

How much money have you raised for each fundraiser?

It differs depending on the function.

What would you or have you done differently in terms of fundraising?

The club is small so the return on effort is relatively low, so we need a number of smaller fundraising efforts to help us throughout the year.

What information would you like from our readers to get more fundraising dollars for your sporting community?

How we can support businesses who are able to support kids playing sport.

Bulimba Rugby

If you would like to provide sponsorship for the Bulimba Junior Rugby Club, please email the club or visit their website.

Originally published 22 June, 2015

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