Bogan Bingo

Stuck with having to organise this year’s office party, fundraiser or work function? Enter Bogan Bingo, the all-inclusive event that has the competitive interacting of the usual quiz night but with the hilarious antics of your favourite comedy night. You may have seen them on Getaway, A Current Affair or Australia’s Got Talent, or at your local festival.

Good news now is that the show is available Australia wide – we’ll travel far and wide!

Bogan Bingo nights get more attention, more bums on seats and, with their fully trademarked concept, you can charge more for your tickets.

We provide:

  • Two professional entertainers who can even DJ after the show to keep the ‘team building’ and dance floor going.
  • All speakers, microphones, bingo supplies.
  • Access for you to download ready-made posters and logos from our website so you can promote your event like a pro.
  • Ideas on other activities on how to raise money during the night.
  • Air guitar competition and Biggest Bogan sensis style Q&A.

The show can be structured to suit your fundraising event, office party, Christmas dinner or annual awards, leaving time for you to enjoy yourself and focus on the rest of the event.

The only thing you have to do is book the venue, supply 6 prizes for us to give away… and get ready to receive all the pats on the back as everyone asks you at the end of the night “where did you find these guys?”

So head to our website BOGAN We guarantee you a night like you’ve never had before, otherwise, we’ll give you the flanny off our back!