Billy G’s Cookie Dough

Are you looking for a cashless, highly profitable fundraiser that sells itself? You’ve found the one – Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough fundraiser is Australia’s most dough-licious fundraiser for schools and groups of any size!  

Our delicious Gourmet Cookie Dough fundraiser can be run 100% online, so you can fundraise with certainty! It’s a COVID-19 friendly fundraiser that is sure to hit the spot!

Boost your fundraising profit! With a bumper incentive prize program, you can motivate families to fundraise. Make a high profit of $3.50 per tub and benefit from FREE delivery Australia wide!

Do you think you can hold the top spot on our 2021 Leaderboard? In 2020, our top three organizations sold over 2,000 tubs each and raised profits over $7,000 each! This could be you in 2021!

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What is Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough fundraiser?

NEW in 2021! You asked, we listened. There have been massive upgrades to the Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough Fundraiser for 2021!

  • FREE Delivery Australia-wide (where possible), year round!
  • Bumper upgrades to Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough online platform makes it easier than ever for coordinators to manage orders.
  • More prizes, more fun! Students can achieve up to 12 awesome incentive prizes.
  • Save time and finalise your Gourmet Cookie Dough sooner with automated prize ordering!
  • A chance to win a bumper Apple Prize Pack for your group’s highest selling member, valued at $3 300!
  • We now send by the tub! We have removed the need to order in increments of eight tubs, meaning you only pay for what you sell.

Some things haven’t changed: our dough-lightful family secret cookie dough recipes and outstanding customer support. Call our friendly team on 1300 133 022 or request a free information kit today!


Did You Know? In 2020, 600 schools and groups sold over 224 416 tubs of Billy G’s Cookie Dough throughout the COVID-19 pandemic! That’s a total fundraised amount of more than $3.5 million! Way to go!

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How do we fundraise with Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough?

Billy G’s Cookie Fundraiser is Australia’s favourite cashless fundraiser! Now managed and sold completely online, it is the easiest way to fundraise. 

1. Register Your School

Once you have registered your school, kindergarten, or group for Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough fundraiser, each participant will be able to create their own cybersafe, online fundraising profile.

2. Sell Your Dough

From there, supporters are able to purchase any amount of delicious Gourmet Cookie Dough and pay via credit card or PayPal! Motivate students and families to fundraise with our amazing incentive prize program, and Apple Prize Pack draw worth over $3,300! 

3. Finalise Your Fundraiser.

When you have finished fundraising, it’s time to finalise your orders. Being completely online, finalising your fundraiser is only a click away! Plus, automated prize ordering means you will save dozens of hours in logistics and paperwork.

4. Bring in the Dough!

It’s time to bring in the dough! At the end of your fundraiser, you will receive your delicious tubs of Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough and your incentive prizes, delivered to your door free of charge! Every 2 weeks, your organisation will receive the profits from your most recent sales.

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Did You Know? Students who fundraise online can raise up to 3x more than those who do not? You can turn your $2 000 into $6 000, just by using Australian Fundraising’s FREE online fundraising platform! 

Plus, with NO online sign up fees* when you choose Australian Fundraising, you’re keeping 6.6% more profit compared to other providers.

Parents can create their child’s fundraising page, and share with family and friends all over the world. With profile avatars instead of real photos and no last names, we make sure families raise the most amount of money possible with a safe, positive online experience.

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What is included?

Within your program costs, you are provided with everything you need to reach your fundraising goals and host a stress-free fundraiser for your school or group. 

Your program costs include: 

  • A selection of ten flavours delicious Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough flavours,
  • Our cybersafe, online fundraising platform, with no online setup fees*,
  • Free Delivery Australia wide (where possible),
  • Incentive Prizes and automated prize ordering using the online platform,
  • Chance to enter the draw for an Apple Prize Pack, valued at $3 300!
  • Event Posters, Parent Letters, Social Media Posts, Newsletter Articles and more!
  • Outstanding customer support from your own dedicated Account Manager.

For specific details about costs and program inclusions, download your FREE information kit today!

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Are you ready to choose Australia’s most dough-lightful fundraiser? To sweeten the deal, register for a Term 1 Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Fundraiser, and you will receive EIGHT FREE TUBS of delicious cookie dough! 

Registering your school or group is easy with Australian Fundraising: simply complete our easy online Booking Form, and get started today!

Make an enquiry or call the team on 1300 133 022 today!

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* Please note: Credit Card and Transaction Fees Apply.