Billy G’s Cookie Dough


Australia’s favourite fundraiser, the Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie & Biscuit Dough is over 10 years old. It’s an outstanding home baking product the whole family will enjoy. Scoop the dough from the tub, bake for 14-16 mins for irresistible cookies every time.

As an order form drive fundraiser, it is so easy to organise and run and no money is required up-front. Your profit is a high $3.50 per tub sold.

We have some major upgrades for 2019:

  • Our cookie and biscuit doughs are now produced in a nut-free factory*.
  • New products including Nestlé® Smarties® and Strawberry Cheesecake.
  • New taste sensation for our Shortbread and Raspberry White Chocolate.
  • New incentive prizes – tested for their popularity.
  • New – $7,000 Helloworld Travel Dream Holiday Giveaway.
  • New Highest Fundraiser Promotion – Apple Prize Pack valued at $2,500.
  • New 20 page order form. We supply the order form to each student/member.
  • Booking Bonuses: Free freight 1st term up to $80 and other booking bonuses valued at $100 for terms 2, 3 and 4. (Conditions apply).

Our new free online fundraising platform will reduce your work load and boost sales and profits. Gone are the days of coordinators tallying prizes and cookie dough using Excel spreadsheets. It’s now made possible with your very own Dashboard.


  • Access your own Dashboard on any device.Billy G"s laptop new site
  • View online sales in real-time, view leaderboards, order and approve cookie dough and prizes.
  • Download pre-written resources from parent letters to social media posts.
  • Automated emails sent to families throughout the fundraiser.


  • Now easier to place their order.
  • Its cyber-safe: parents can select an avatar for their child, set fundraising goals and can order their prizes online.
  • They can share their personalised fundraising page to family and friends using email and social media to generate higher sales.
  • Each sale will be credited towards their total to claim better incentive prizes.

There are certain products over the years that have become well-known fundraisers and Billy G’s Cookie Dough is one of them. At $1.50 per 100g, our cookie dough is cheaper than most cookies on the supermarket shelves.

The cookie dough is packed in 1kg tubs which can be frozen or refrigerated. It is easily distributed as it can be stored without refrigeration for up to 7 hours after delivery.

It is only available through fundraising which makes your fundraiser even more popular and successful. With ten scrumptious flavours, there’s sure to be one to satisfy any cookie lover. We haven’t forgotten about your beloved pooch, too. Our cheese flavoured doggie dough treats are a tasty and healthy reward for a job well done!

For more information or samples, please contact our office on 1300 133 022 or visit our website,

*May contain peanuts or tree nuts in the Nestlé® Smarties® and our chocolate.