What could we do for an adult only social fundraiser?

Reader question:

We are planning an adult social fundraiser next year. We’ve done trivia nights many times but are looking for new ideas to poll our parents interest. What ideas can people suggest please?

Here are some ideas from our Facebook community for adult only social fundraisers:

  • Hypnotist night. Our school did one this year and it was a roaring success. We are also trying bogan bingo and oaks day races event next year.
  • Board game night.

One of our readers asked a question:

Has anyone done an adult even and offered babysitting?

We did when we had our high tea/fashion parade. The high tea was at the hall next door to school and we had teachers and parents looking after children in the school. Each class had a different movie on & we supplied fresh fruit, popcorn & water. The kids had games also. Great night. We had a sign in/out sheet for all the kids. It was for the whole community not just school children. We raised a bit over $300 for the babysiting. (Very small school of 70 kids so ot was quite good)

  • Bogan Bingo is fabulous. Very funny and a great night is always had by all.
  • We have done Disco Bingo twice now and it was a huge hit. Similar concept to normal bingo but instead of numbers it’s names of songs and the host (a professionally run company) plays songs. You are encouraged to get up and dance for bonus points etc. So much fun!
  • Our local kinder did a night under the gums at the fishing club, wood-fired pizza, live music and a spinning wheel. It was a great night.
  • Las Vegas night. They use real money to buy chips but can only cash them in for “prizes”.
  • We had a high tea with a fashion parade with a couple of local shops. Some mums, dads & nans were strutting their stuff on the catwalk. It was a great night full of laughs.
  • Our school did quiz night this year and bogan bingo last year both were hits and full – no more tables to be had!
  • We had an Op Shop Ball and raised over $8000. Parents/community members donated services or products to be auctioned on the night. Auction items ranged from cheesecakes to welding services to hair and makeup tutorials. Was a wonderful community event.
  • We do a jazz, art and wine night every second year. Kids make the art with their class for the auction, local jazz band and beer and wine sold on the night.
  • I saw a baseball club do a night at the races.


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