What could you do to acknowledge a long serving volunteer?

Reader question:

We have a wonderful volunteer at our school who will be marking her 50th year with the school. We are looking at ways to acknowledge this. In the past we have nominated her for volunteer of the year and also had her recognised at a local presentation. Do any of the members of this community have any ideas on ways we could acknowledge her?


Here are some ideas from our Facebook community on how to acknowledge a special long serving volunteer:

  • Create a garden or bench seat in her honour with a plaque recognising her contribution.
  • Give her a parking spot! (Good present!! But only if she continues.)
  • Award at Presentation Day named in their honour for the student who goes ‘above and beyond’ for the school community
  • Get in touch with your state/territory peak parent club body, as they’d love to acknowledge her, too.
  • What are her passions? Perhaps you could –
    * Music Room or hall renamed in her honour if she loves the Arts
    * A corner of the library to be called …….. ‘s Corner.
    * Sporting oval renamed in her honour.
  • Would your local MP present an award? Perhaps a special assembly or morning tea
  • Nominate her for an award in the Order of Australia! It’s really easy to nominate someone – click here for the form.
  • Our school named the student cafe (not canteen) after a long serving member.
  • Check with local council grants. They may have an award/grant.
  • Pending numbers of community- if the whole school population donated a dollar or two – you’d quickly have enough for a present worthy of the record- a three-day cruise would be a lovely surprise.

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