About the Fundraising Directory

The Fundraising Directory was born out of a passion for helping make fundraising for schools & clubs easier.

Each year our print and online products help over 300,000 Australians raise funds more easily, making The Fundraising Directory Australia’s #1 fundraising resource for schools, clubs and community groups. We have been helping individuals, schools and community groups with the challenging task of raising funds since 2006.

The Fundraising Directory provides a comprehensive set of ‘how-to’ fundraising resources, articles and supplier information for grassroots fundraisers across the country.  We also showcase the excellent work of Australian businesses in supporting grassroots organisations.

Our success is based on passion, creativity and hard work – both ours and that of our audience. At the Fundraising Directory, integrity underpins every aspect of our business, from the long-term partnerships we share with our advertisers, to our award-winning website and social media presence, and ultimately the community volunteers we serve.

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Our mission:

  • We are dedicated to helping people make the most of their fundraising efforts
  • We are passionate about connecting people with the information they need
  • We are serious about helping people have fun as they help their community

Our Audience

The Fundraising Directory is designed to help Australia’s grassroots fundraisers – the everyday volunteers that want to make a difference.

They are inspiring individuals who believe in contributing to their local schools, community groups, sporting teams and clubs. The Fundraising Directory has built up a dedicated following online, and in social media, due to our passion and commitment to this sector.

Volunteering is a well-accepted part of Australian culture, with 5.2 million Australians volunteering their time to make a difference in their communities each year. This equates to a combined contribution to the community of over 713 million hours, and the most common volunteer activity is fundraising which accounts for 48% of total hours.

About Mandy Weidmann – the ‘Fundraising Whisperer’ and co-founder of the Fundraising Directory

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