A Great Way to Thank Supporters – The Sponsors’ Tent

When your organisation has put together a special fete or festival and the event finally gets off the ground, it is time to celebrate with your generous event sponsors.  Hosting a sponsors’ tent is a pleasurable way to thank your sponsors properly and show them your appreciation for the investment they have made in your fundraising event.  Your thoughtfulness may encourage them to join you again in the future.

The Sponsors’ Tent

Hosting a sponsors’ tent can be included in your event planning with a minimum of extra time and expenditure.  Invite all your event sponsors to join you at a designated tent area, it could even be decorated with their logos and signage.  Plan for their arrival by providing personalised name tags, finger food and refreshments.  By offering something to eat and drink, as well as recognition of who they are and their contribution to the fete, you can create an environment of camaraderie where business owners can meet each other and share information in a relaxed atmosphere.  If your budget allows (and time), it can be a fine gesture to invite your organising committee to attend the Sponsors’ Tent as well, or just the P & C President and the Fete Convener to help you celebrate.  Asking local, state or federal government members to join you as special guests can provide extra rewards including a networking opportunity for your sponsors.

During the celebration at the sponsors’ tent, your P & C President or Fete Convener can make a brief speech offering thanks to the organising committee and the sponsors.  Everyone appreciates a thank-you and appropriately thanking your sponsors in public may persuade them to seriously consider working with you and your organisation in future events.

As sponsors depart the sponsors’ tent, you can thank them individually and direct them to parts of the fete that they might like to take some time to visit.  Your sponsors may choose to take advantage of what your fete has to offer, whether by purchasing products or taking part in raffles and games or simply enjoying your event.

Planning a Sponsors’ Tent is a distinctive way to offer your thanks for the investment that a sponsor has contributed to your fete or festival.  By offering a venue with refreshments and providing a chance to meet each other, business leaders and other contributors can be recognised for their generosity and support.

Originally published 22 February, 2012

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