Wine Fundraising Ideas

Give your members, their families and friends the chance to replenish their cellars while boosting your organisation’s fundraising. Some companies specialise in selling wine to community groups with a system to make the wine drive very manageable. Some groups customise their wine, labeling cleanskins. Fundraisers usually receive a percentage of sales or retain the difference between cost and sale price. Wine drives sell well when combined with special occasions such as a club or parish anniversary or in support of a new project.

As an alternative, organise a wine club within your group to get great discounts on the wines you were already buying.

Custom labelled wine

Wine is a popular money-spinner in kindergartens and preschools – and in some high schools.

It’s also a popular social club fundraiser.

Some schools do not support wine drives out of concern for the message it sends young people about alcohol consumption.

Clearskin wines are wines sold without a label. They’re cheaper than wine sold in labelled bottles because of the marketing behind the image. Maximise your profit by having labels custom-printed with your organisation or event details.

For your customized labels, you could run an art competition with a gold coin token entry: the best entry becomes a label. Many providers will design a label for you with your logo.

You can maximise your sales by linking the fundraising drive to events.

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