Wildside Fireworks

Wildside Fireworks – Displays for the Whole Family

After almost a decade of creating beautiful firework displays that really wow, we still love every part of what we do. Wildside Fireworks was created to bring a whole lot of joy and wonder to the little, and those not so little, kids. We really enjoy seeing how much everyone enjoys our displays, it’s why we run the business the way we do.

Wildside Fireworks is run for the enjoyment of others, so we price our services as low as possible. We also use most of our profits to upgrade equipment and bring our clients better quality fireworks. This means our clients get a better experience, while still paying less than they would with most of our competitors.

We also try and tailor all our firework displays to your exact needs. This means we take into account your environment, the time allotted and your budget, to bring you the best display we can. From small indoor weddings and gigs, to school fetes and carnivals, we bring your event something special for less.

Wildside Fireworks travel all over Victoria for our fireworks displays, so give us a call to see how we put a display together for your next event.