Wicked Brew Coffee

Fundraise with Wicked Brew Coffee!

Wicked Brew Coffee offers fresh, exceptional quality roasted coffee beans at sensible prices – whole beans or ground & delivered just the way you want it.

Wicked Brew Coffee makes a wonderful FUN-RAISER! It’s the universal beverage. In fact, coffee is so popular that it is the No. 2 Traded Commodity in the World!!!

Even people who don’t drink it themselves generally keep some around to serve to guests. It’s also perfect because it requires no refrigeration, has an incredibly long shelf life, and is light and easy to carry.

Our fundraising programs are designed to be easy to use, profitable and can be used by any size organisation.

There are 4 methods of fundraising using Wicked Brew Coffee, you can choose from and combine to create the most successful fundraising program for your organisation

  • Pre-Sale
  • On Hand Sale
  • Subscription Sale
  • Online Ordering

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