Why sponsoring a fete or community event is excellent value for money


Sponsorship: the word probably conjures up images of big corporates and high-profile sporting teams. But sponsorship is so much more!
Sponsorship is a great way for a community group or not-for-profit organisation to involved local businesses while accessing revenue or in-kind support for an event.
But why would a local business be interested? What’s in it for the sponsor?
In return for their financial support—or goods and services that are needed—a local business can get:
1.  Unique exposure to a captive audience;
2.  Positive image as a committed community player;
3.  Profile; and
4.  Publicity.
These all help businesses achieve marketing goals and can add up to a great value for money for the sponsor.
Some things to consider when looking for a sponsor
Smaller organisations and groups are more likely to strike success by looking locally—and thinking about the audience they are likely to attract to the event.
Think demographics: age groups and available income. The Australian Bureau of Statistics captures these statistics; some local councils do too.
You want your sponsor to appeal to your audience and your audience to appeal to your sponsor.
For example, a prestige car salesyard may get plenty of wishful looks at a festival in a lower socio-economic area, but will that translate into potential sales as much as similar exposure at an event attracting DINKS (Dual Income No Kids).
Think about different levels of sponsorship: gold, silver, bronze.
Gold is the premium sponsor who is putting in big bucks to back your event and gets maximum signage, demonstration space, and presence in all media; perhaps even a participatory role—officially opening the event or presenting an award.
Silver sponsorship may buy the title rights to a component of the event such as the main stage or the farmers’ market section. The café zone may logically be sponsored by a local coffee supplier or teahouse. It then carries the supplier’s name and signage.
Bronze sponsorship is within grasp of many small businesses and puts their name in front of the audience by being included as a supporter on collateral like the event program and having a sign strategically located near the entrance.
All sponsors, no matter what level, will want—and deserve—recognition.
How much you ask for in sponsorship depends on your budget? Be realistic.
Learn how outgoings can be contained by obtaining in-kind sponsorship.