What should we charge for sausage sizzle and bacon and egg rolls?

Reader Question: OK everyone what do you charge for your bacon and egg rolls and your sausage sizzle?

Posted by The Fundraising Whisperer on Saturday, September 9, 2017


Here are some of the things our clever Facebook readers had to say about what to charge for a sausage sizzle and bacon and egg rolls:

  • $5 bacon and egg rolls instead of $4 to make change easier for both parties.
    I once tried making sausage sizzles $3, or 2 for $5 to get 50c coins out of the rotation, but it was too different from normal. $2.50 all the way now.
  • $5 for an e&b roll – but I make sure we have pastured eggs, the best bacon – and Beerenberg sauces. Each roll costs $2.40 to make, meaning we make a $2.60 profit for each one sold. We previously charged $4.50, but got sick of having to organise a float with lots of 50c pieces in it.
  • Bunnings does set the benchmark for a sausage sandwich…$2.50. We haven’t done bacon & egg rolls at our school for a while, but when we did I think it was $4.
    Keep in mind, some small takeaway shops sell bacon & egg rolls for $5.50 on a hamburger roll.
  • This election weekend in NSW we charged $3.50 for sausage or bacon only, $4 for either with egg and $5 for the lot (plus onions on all) if it’s for the school run by volunteers I don’t think people mind paying a bit extra!
  • We recently went up to $3 for a sausagr sizzle at our community event markets held at our school. Just to see if people would pay it. They did, we sold out.
  • We did this on the weekend:

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