Using a tear-off slip to recruit volunteers

Using a tear-off slip to recruit volunteers

This is a tip sent to me from John in Perth:  As the year kicks in for your group, include a ‘tear off’ slip at the bottom of your newsletters asking for expressions of interest from people who may be willing to volunteer throughout the year.  This is a simple method that can help to recruit fundraisers.

Thanks John!  Another way to frame it is that you are collecting an email list of people who may be able to help with small tasks during the year.  This is very non-threatening and an extremely powerful way of keeping everyone engaged on an ongoing basis.  Let everyone know that you break your volunteering up into small chunks so everyone gets a chance to help out and it’s not scary to say yes!

Remember – a direct request is ALWAYS more successful than a general call to action.  If you have an indication from somebody that they are prepared to help, you are halfway there!

Happy Fundraising!

Mandy Stevens xx (aka Miss Fundraising)

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