Use the Queues

Let’s face it, no one likes standing and waiting in a line. But what if someone came and took your coffee order and your money and brought your drink, or even better, your coffee and a muffin back to you while you waited? You didn’t lose you place in the line and waiting, like most things, is so much better with coffee!

Cross selling and using your queues can be to everyone’s advantage because no matter how good your planning, the one thing that seems to be unavoidable at many fundraising events are the queues. The key to making this work for you, is being flexible and thinking outside the box. Before your event starts, do a walk through. Put yourself in the shoes of your patrons and see if your set up works. If not, don’t be afraid to move things around. Also don’t be afraid to move things around even after your event has started.

For example: You may find you have a big queue for the Lob a Choc stall, but your temporary tattoo stall at the other end of the oval is quiet. Can you relocate your temporary tattoo stall near the Lob a Choc? Kids waiting in line can then choose their tattoo or even get it done while they’re waiting and your stall holder will not be missing all those sales opportunities.

But let’s get back to the food idea, cause it’s not just all about the kids now is it?

To start, you’ll need to have a number of people, let’s call them ‘runners’, set up with floats, notepads, pens and raffle tickets. Have them wear something to make them stand out – a school uniform shirt, a hi-vis vest, tie a helium balloon to their wrist, a brightly coloured hat or even a balloon hat – so they are easily seen. These runners can then approach people waiting in line to buy coffee, hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage sizzles, hot chips, drinks or even a few extra raffle tickets. Prepare a mini menu of a few of these ‘ready to go’ items which doubles as your order form and then the food/drink orders are hand delivered back to the person still waiting in line. Little Johnny can then have his ride on the hurricane or the roundup and Mum or Dad can enjoy something to eat without leaving Johnny unsupervised.

It all comes down to making the most of where the people are. We gave you a great example of this in another of our fundraising tips about class canvas auctions which involved combining class performances with the art auctions, all while your target audience is already there! Two birds, one stone! Apply this same principle to your raffle draws and drum up some last minute raffle ticket purchases too.


Take the idea of the ‘runners’ a step further by also having older students (who can handle money) roaming your event with trolleys. In a similar way to the vendors selling hot dogs and beer at a baseball game, your trolleys can be loaded up with food (not hot food this time, but items from your cake stall), drinks, craft or home made items or even showbags and lucky dips. If you have a few of these trolleys roaming, you’ll get great coverage of your event and will certainly pick up extra sales putting more of those fundraising $$$’s back in your pocket at the end of the day.