Birthday cupcakes at tuckshops – is this a good idea?

Reader question:

I heard somewhere about a tuckshop that takes orders for birthday cupcakes and drops them to the class. Has anyone done this or heard anything about it? How much etc?

Here are some ideas from our Facebook community:

  • This is a great idea, even if we just offer parents that they can buy iceblocks or so from the tuckshop and we will deliver to the classroom.
  • Great for busy parents and they are supporting the school too. Win win!
  • I like the fruit kebab option too!
  • The Willows SS tuckshop!! Cupcakes stay in coldroom until teacher sends a child for them – usually just before or after a lunch break. Our school has 1020 students hence the 1 week minimum notice.tuckshop birthday cupcakes
  • This is a great idea! Especially for allergies. As a family, we don’t do cakes (kids only eat the icing!) but do iceblocks (milk & water) & they are always a massive hit (especially in summer). The options are endless!
  • Our P&C run primary school offers a Birthday cupcake service. The cost is $16 for iced cupcakes for the whole class. We ask for orders to be placed 2 days in advance.
  • Our tuckshop does Quelches for the whole class for birthdays. not cheap but easier than parents making cupcakes for the whole class!
  • Sounds good for busy mums. A few years ago I used to order 25 icy poles and the tuckshop lady cut and delivered them at the appropriate time per teacher request for me for my kids birthdays. Easy and best $12
  • We have looked at this idea, with nearly 900 students we think it may take up a lot of our supervisor/volunteers time.
  • Not cupcakes but a whole cake at our school. They can do 4 cakes a week sometimes!tuckshop cake order
  • I saw something on one of the P&C pages I follow.. $30 on the tuck shop menu and they do iceblocks and fruit platters too.

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