Top Gold Coin fundraisers for schools

Free-dress or mufti day is a tried and tested way to raise money at school. Here are some more quirky alternatives to getting gold coin donations.

Future career (dress up as what you want to be ‘when you grow up’)

Pyjamas (wear your favourite PJs)

Twin Day (dress identical to a friend)

Bad shirt day (borrow Dad’s most hideous Hawaiian shirt)

Bad tie day (borrow Dad’s ugliest tie)

Halloween costume (fun any time of the year)

Dress as your favourite holiday (Santa and elves, Easter Bunny, Halloween etc)

Crazy socks (the louder the better)

Stars, spots and stripes (one or all)

Crazy hair (spikey, coloured or gelled, twist pipe-cleaners or use a zillion clips)

Wacky hat (for those who don’t like messing with the hair)

A single colour (students must wear red from head to toe – or pink, or white)

Tropical dress (beach party, anything goes)

Animal theme (dress as your favourite animal)

Pirates and princesses (fun for everyone)

Click here for a clever alternative to asking for gold coins.

Author: Shannon Meyerkort

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