Toad Races

Cane Toad Races

Cane toads, cockroaches, whatever – we all hate them but what a great fundraiser they make on a race track of sorts.

Gather up a decent number of the preferred racing stock, mark with non-toxic face paint to differentiate and sell them off individually at ‘auction’ together with some creative pedigrees. Then it’s race time.

Mark a circle (about 3m diameter) using a piece of string, a stake and some chalk This is your race track. Mark a small circle (about 50cm) inside. This forms the ‘starting gate’ from which the ‘thoroughbreds’ race on release from their bucket or calico bag. The winner is the first to break out of the big circle.

These races need a race caller and auctioneer with enthusiasm.

Charge an entry fee for each cane toad race and give a percentage of takings as prize money (say 25% for the first out of the circle, 10% for the last). The balance is your fundraiser.

Betting is illegal. Your money comes from the sale of the racing stock and entry into the individual race.
Owners can take their new ‘pets’ home after the races or leave for humane disposal.

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