What are some tips for making our Father’s Day Stall a Success?

Reader Question: Anyone want to share tips they have about how they made their Father's Day Stall a success? What was your best suppliers and best sellers?

Posted by The Fundraising Whisperer on Saturday, 9 September 2017

Here are some reader ideas from our Facebook community for making your Father’s Day Stall a success:

    • We use all the usual sites listed below. We aim for 1.5 presents per child at our school. This year we also made a few handmade items. Cookies in a jar, brownies in a jar and personalised prints. We wrap all our gifts and everything is $5. There is no other price. Some presents we make $3, other presents we made 50c. For both our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stall this year we made a profit of between $1000-$1300. We also had a free giveaway at both stalls. Entry was gained by purchasing at the stall. By approaching local businesses and using our school contacts we were about to have giveaways worth about $1200 each stall.

    • We had the most successful Father’s Day yet this year. $2200 profit with 280 students.
      We allocate about 4 items per child starting price $1.00. We also run an activity during the stall. This year was sand art layers in jars. Kids loved it.
    • We have a mum that makes cookies. Sold out in seconds. We also ran our giant Toblerone raffle given to us from our choc drive. It was completely online so not counting money or printing tickets. Their receipt was their entry.

  • We shop in the sales of the usual sites. Unfortunately means someone has to store it for a year. You can also catch really good bargains at Kmart – we bought inflatable chairs for $6 (down from $15) and sold for $12. We budget for 2-3 items per kid, 500 kids, so about 1200 items. We made $1600 profit this year.
  • We use the usual suppliers with gifts ranging from $1-$5. We’ve found that a few years ago a lot of kids would only bring $1, but as parents have come to rely on the stall every kid now brings $5. This means that we have to budget 2.5 items per child. We only make an approx 50c profit per item, but the kids love buying the gifts. We also order early to get the freebies which we raffle off for free to the dads.

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