Theming and Decorating on a Budget

First impressions do count, and never more so that at your big event.  Decorations can transform a familiar or drab environment into a set from a Hollywood movie, an enticing desert island or an underwater paradise.

But your boss has given you a strict budget, or you really want to raise a record amount for your organisation, so decorating funds are limited.
You don’t need to be as talented as Martha Stewart to be able to pull off a decoration extravaganza.

Have your guests to do the decorating

Choose a theme then get the guests to come dressed up.  As well as increasing their anticipation of the event, it encourages mingling as people wander around to see what everyone else is wearing.  Voila instant atmosphere!
Go one step further and offer a prize for the best decorated table.  Make it a good prize, and one that can be shared, to really encourage people to go all out.

Have a decorating competition and offer a prize

Children can draw pictures or create art that can be used as a feature wall for the event.
Children and adults can create works of art to be used as table centrepieces.  Ensure you give strict instructions as to size so they don’t take over your table.

DIY balloon decorating

Balloon decorations that use air rather than helium can be prepared up to 72 hours before an event.
Never made balloon decorations before? You tube is your friend.  There are dozens of tutorials on how to make arches, flowers and other shapes.  The night before the event sit down with some friends while you have some fun learning a new skill.  And just think, next event you’ll be even faster!
Here’s a video:

Choose a theme you can recycle

If your event is an annual one, you may like to invest in some basic items that can form the basis of decorating each year.  Basic items include things like tablecloths, table runners, bunting and backdrops.
Gold and Black can be recycled as Hollywood, Arabian Nights, Desert Island, Masquerade, Bollywood, German (add red).
Blue and White – Under the Sea, French (add red), British (add red). Italian, Winter Wonderland (add silver), American (add red), Nautical, Great Gatsby.
Black and White – Black and White, Hollywood, 1920s, Casino Night.

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