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This Easter theme article forms part of series that explores different themes. This series is designed to save organisers of fundraising events from having to reinvent the wheel all of the time – our primary focus here at the Fundraising Directory! You can see other themes here.

As sure as Hot Cross Buns will hit the supermarket shelves as soon as we’re done with Christmas, you’ll be sure to have a hopping good time at your next Easter event with these theme ideas.


The colour palette for Easter typically sits in the pastel range, so any of your light blues, pinks, yellow, and greens will work really well and these are easy to tie into your decorations too. Bunnies, baskets, baby chickens and of course eggs, chocolate or otherwise, are a must for any invitation.


There are some really cute and easy to make Easter decorations that won’t cost a heap but will look great. Did you know that ‘Easter wreaths’ are a thing? Me either! They can be simple or quite elaborate depending on time and money, but they look great and can be used either on a door or as a table centrepiece. We’ll throw some pictures in for you. There are lots of low costs Easter decorations available from ‘cheap’ shops and even K-Mart and Big W but here a few DIY ideas to get you started.

  • White paper lanterns can be transformed into bunny faces by adding some ears.
  • Bunny, egg or chicken piñata
  • Cardboard cutouts of bunnies can be decorated with glitter or used to create bunny bunting. You can also use cutouts of baby chicks or eggs or all three together.
  • How about making sock bunnies to be used to table centrepieces – make sure you only use clean socks though! 😉 Check Pinterest for how to do this.
  • Easter eggs garland – Blow up small balloons and wrap them in coloured string soaked in glue. Let these dry. Once they’re dry, pop the balloon and you’re left with a cut egg shape made from the string. Join them together to make your garland.
  • If you’re having a sit-down meal, place setting cards in the shape of a bunny face over some bunny ears made with the napkin can look really great.
  • You know those empty plastic eggs that open up? Buy a bunch and clip them onto some ribbon to make some hanging decorations.
  • Turn a white Christmas tree into an Easter tree by covering it with Easter decorations.
  • Spotted colourful helium balloons can fit in with the theme nicely.
  • Easter baskets filled with shredded paper and plastic eggs. If you want something a bit different, you can dye or paint eggs yourself.


When it comes to Easter costumes, you’re a little more limited than with other themes. We’re talking bunnies, bunnies, and more bunnies, chickens, eggs and with a side of carrot, or you can go down the religious route too, but that doesn’t mean that your costume can’t be fun!


Everyone knows that jelly beans are in fact Easter bunny poop, but don’t let that stop you from using them in some of your games!

  • Jellybean pick up – can be an individual or team game where you are required to move jelly beans from one bowl to another using only a straw. Suck the jelly bean onto the end of the straw and place it in the other bowl. Sound easy? Try doing it while you’re laughing 😉
  • Pin the tail on the bunny or pin the beak/tail on the chicken.
  • An egg and spoon race.
  • Sack races – with the addition of bunny ears and see which bunny can hop across the finish line first.
  • Bean bag toss – paint a bunny on a large piece of cardboard and cut holes for the mouth and tummy. The aim is to get the bean bags through the holes. An alternative could be throwing a plastic or foam egg instead of bean bags.
  • Paint or decorate some plastic cups or tins to make them look ‘Eastery’. Stack them up and have punters try to knock them down with a ball or ‘egg’.
  • Easter bingo – same concept as your typical bingo but with Easter symbols instead of numbers.
  • Easter egg hunt – race to see who can find the most eggs
  • Easter egg kerplunk – see picture to find out how this one works


As you probably know there are at least a billion different way to decorate cupcakes within an Easter theme so I’m just going to leave that one alone. Here are some other food ideas:

  • Coloured devilled eggs. Once the eggs are hard boiled, remove the yolks and place the whites in bowls of water with different food colourings. Once they reach the desired colour, remove them and let them dry then mix your yolks with mayo and whatever else you’d like to add and hey presto, Easter deviled eggs.
  • Carrot cake or chocolate cake of any kind.
  • Bread can be baked into a surprising number of Easter designs.
  • Good old arrowroot biscuits look great when decorated with some icing.
  • Easter themed mini cheesecakes.
  • Hot cross buns.
  • A cob loaf and a breadstick can become an Easter bunny with a little creativity.


  • Easter bonnet parade – of course!
  • Easter treat bake sale – ask for donations to sell at your event
  • Raffles with Easter themed prizes
  • Fancy dress competition – have different prize categories
  • Easter egg decorating station – you’ll need paint, glue, glitter and a whole bunch of hard boiled or ‘blown’ eggs for your artists.
  • Fill a bunch of empty plastic eggs with activities like 10 star jumps, dance like a chicken, complete 15 bunny hops across the room, touch your toes 10 times etc. Split your group up into teams and drop the eggs into a bucket for each team. See which team can get through the bucket the fastest completing all the activities correctly. If someone doesn’t complete their activity it is given to the next person and so on until completed and then they can move on.

So hop to it and get your Easter event underway now. You’ve still got time to make it egg-cellent!

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