The Little Kit Company

The Little Kit Company introduces me4kidz. A range of award-winning first aid products that are innovative, fun and kid-friendly.

Children are explorers. They are adventurous and use their imaginations to investigate the world. This exploration is an essential part of their development – but it can lead to scraped knees, injuries and, potentially, dangerous situations.

Luckily, our range of products are fantastic with mini first aid kits, cool packs – both reusable and instant, baby starter kits, family sized kits and introducing natural and wellness kits.

Great for Schools, Kindergartens, Child Care Centres, Mothers groups, Sporting Clubs, Guides and Scouts, and anywhere else children can be found.  All conveniently packaged and carefully organised, making them ideal for travel, sport, road trips, school bags, nappy bags or home.

Each fundraiser can be tailored to suit you. Depending on your target audience we can customise the products you include in your fundraiser.

The process is simple and financially rewarding.  There is no initial outlay.  Just distribute the order forms, receive payments and the products are delivered to you so you can pass them on to your lucky customers.

Clean it, fix it and back to play.