The Freckle Factory

The Freckle Factory fundraising is a new and unique concept that allows the people in your organisation or group to raise much-needed funds in the most delicious way possible……with chocolate!!

Whether it be funding for school equipment, sports uniforms, corporate events or family medical causes, there is great profit to be made for any organisation willing to give it a go.

The Freckle Factory fundraising focuses purely on our amazing tasting chocolate blocks. But in a first in the industry, our chocolate blocks can be custom designed and printed to personalise the cause and let everyone who buys a chocolate block, know exactly who and what they are helping to raise money for.

Backed up by a simple process, you’ll have your families selling amazing products, with little effort but for BIG rewards to go towards your cause!!

Also, by supporting The Freckle Factory fundraising, you are promoting a locally made, Australian owned, boutique quality chocolate business that has a proven track record of satisfied chocoholics.


Packed in boxes of 10 blocks (mix of milk, dark, white and freckle chocolate), the order is delivered to you for you to start the campaign. The boxes are then distributed out to those supporting the drive and the blocks are sold to happy customers who not only get an amazing tasting product but a great feeling for supporting a cause they know is important to them and their family.


A Freckle Factory drive is a simple and easy process to implement and much like how other fundraising companies work.

A Freckle Factory Campaign Manager assists you the entire way from start to finish so that you can make the most of the opportunity to raise funds for your organisation.

From the initial stage to the selling stage and finally the collection stage, all stages are supported by effective communication and tools for success.

Once the drive is agreed upon, the goals are laid out and the time frames are set, we take over to produce the blocks for you.


Why not now? Contact us on 03 52298432 or email us for more information 🙂