The day before the fete

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Fete Schedule – The day before the fete

Aim to set up as much as possible on the day before the fete. Your fete schedule is crucial.  Not only will you have enough to do on the actual day, but this gives your committee time to address any problems that suddenly arise. The physical set up of a large fete can overwhelm some volunteers.

Have a plan of action ready to make this as smooth and stress-free as possible:
Ask for volunteers to help collect tables and chairs from classrooms. This can all be done the day before.
• Organise delivery of all hire equipment and distribute to the appropriate stalls.
• Book your electrician for the afternoon before the big day, to get all power requirements in place. All stalls needing power require workplace health and safety checks complete before ‘show time’.
• Create a central station for children dropping off cakes, lollies and other items. These may need to be stored in your portable cold room.
• Use spray paint on grass or chalk on concrete to outline areas for stalls.
• Collect the float and change from the bank, and store safely.
• Let ride operators know when you are setting up. They may choose to set up major rides the day before.
• Ask some willing fathers to sleep overnight onsite as volunteer security (thank them profusely!).
• Create a contingency plan in case of wet weather.
• Ensure all stall convenors have a finalised map so they know where to set up.

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