A Talented Show Fundraiser

The old fashioned talent quest has been given new life thanks to reality TV shows such as The Voice and Australia’s Got Talent.

Here are some talent show ideas for running your own:

  • Make it a small fundraiser that students can run by themselves, or with some guidance from a supportive adult.
  • What a great way to showcase your music program – spice up your concerts to structure it as a mini talent show with a variety of awards.
  • Don’t place a limit on the talents that can be showcased – if someone wants to juggle, let them juggle.
  • Rather than a formal talent quest, you could instead have a ‘busking morning’ where anyone can put their hat out (for a cause of course!) and perform with or without an instrument.
  • You can weave a comedy theme throughout – get students to stand up and tell a joke in between acts, and offer a separate prize for the best joke.
  • You could have a few teachers/ coaches prepared to get up at the end and do something silly. Have buckets in front of each of them and get students/ members to vote with a gold coin in the one they want to perform. The one with the most money must perform!
  • Important: Get up before the performances to announce that your community celebrates courage and effort far more than talent. This will remind your audience that it is so important to offer kindness, respect and encouragement to anyone ‘having a go’.

The fundraising part:

  • One option is to charge an entry fee to participate, although my preference is to charge a fee to NOT participate and opt out 🙂
  • Charge an entry fee at the door for parents and friends who come to watch.
  • If you’re holding it in a lunchtime, make it a completely free event, but ask for a gold coin donation.
  • Get is sponsored! Your local music or dance school (or both!) might be happy to pay some money for naming rights.


In any event, this can be a fun idea that encourages little people to have a go, and make a small amount of money in the process.

Happy Fundraising!
Mandy Weidmann

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