Surveys for Fundraising

Supporting sporting and community groups, charities and schools are central to our Australian way of life.  At Surveys for Fundraising, we connect you and your members to fundraising opportunities which won’t have your members reaching into their pockets.

It’s simple, you register your club and tell us about your fundraising needs. We do the rest. We design a program, produce the marketing material to help your members get involved, we invite your members to complete legitimate surveys, collect and pass on the rewards to you.

Your member’s details are safe with us. No sharing. No spamming. Your members choose whether or not they want to participate.

Your members nominate how often they wish to receive surveys. For example, If you have 50 members completing 1-2 surveys a week we estimate you will generate up to $400+ per month. With more members or members completing more surveys you can raise even more.  You can open up the program to your members, family and friends, so even more people can be involved and more valuable funds for you association.  Once the program is set up, we do all the work, sending you a statement and directly depositing funds into your account monthly.