Can anyone suggest stall ideas that would appeal to boys?

Reader question:

Can anyone suggest some stall ideas that would appeal specifically to boys at a Spring Fair?


Here are some stall ideas from our Facebook community to appeal specifically to boys at a Spring Fair:

  • If you have a sports stall; Pass the footy, Shoot the basketball, And other sports related games. They can win a poster or ball from the local sporting team.
  • DIY slime
  • Coin toss (lay chocolate bars on a table/ over a grate, if coins land on the choc they win it, but you keep every coin thrown)
  • See if local scouts/ auskick/ men’s shed want to come and run an activity.
  • We had a handball target and wet sponge toss
  • Toss toilet rolls into a toilet. See if a local business will give you one in return for advertising/ naming rights. Maybe it could then be raffled or auctioned off.

Here are some interesting ideas submitted by a reader:

  • We did a Nerf vs Zombies Stall. They had to shoot down boxes with pictures of zombies on them with Nerf guns. It was a huge hit, the queue was still long when the fete was officially over and it was still going 15 minutes after finish time. It was a big money maker too – one of our biggest non-food stalls. We charged $2 a go and they got a strong arm nerf gun loaded with 6 bullets. We made the targets ourselves using Jatz biscuit boxes, cereal boxes and premium biscuit boxes. Jatz boxes were best – harder to knock down, cereal boxes were the easiest to knock down. We wrapped them in butchers paper and stuck on a zombie picture. If they knocked down 0-2 boxes they won a lollipop; 3-4 boxes they won a small prize (slap band, growing cactus, boxing glove punch gun that cost no more than 50c), if they knocked down 5-6 boxes they won a plush toy (we sourced them online for $2-4 each). They had to shoot from about 2-3 metres away (we tested it at home to determine a fair distance). We used 2 x $2 plastic tablecloths painted with spray paint as a sign that said Nerf vs Zombies and a cityscape backdrop.

Here are some photos from the reader:


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