Sports Club Funds, Grants and Sponsorship

 Other Funding Sources for Sports Clubs

Don’t forget to check out the availability of grants to sports clubs. They’re offered by local, state or federal government departments as well as some household name Australian companies.

  • The Federal Government set up the Australian Sports Foundation. ASF has sports funds grants to help not-for-profit groups raise money for eligible sports projects.
  • Then there’s sponsorship. You’d be surprised how keen local businesses are to support local sports clubs. But think first – how would this business relationship benefit them? What can you offer them in return? Do you have a high profile patron or celebrity supporter that the sponsor would love to be seen with? Does their product ‘fit’ without your club membership?
  • Be grateful for in-kind support. An electrician-parent may offer services for free throughout the season. That’s an expense the club saves. Put a dollar value on it and reciprocate the recognition from this ‘sponsor’.

Check out financial assistance that’s available for:

  • juniors under the Local Sporting Champions program – helping towards the cost of travel, accommodation, uniforms or equipment when competing at official National Sporting Organisation or National Sporting Organisation for people with a disability-endorsed state or national sporting competitions
  • coaches – National Coaching Scholarships are about developing Australia’s coaching talent.
  • referees – National Officiating Scholarships help the best reach the highest level of officiating in their sports
  • women in sport – such as the Sports Leadership Grants for Women.

Post-fundraising Work
Share the outcome with your community! Too often, a fundraiser just fades away. Share the result with everyone who took part. Use your Facebook or blog to post updates. If a local journalist has shown interest in your efforts, follow it up. Just don’t forget your supporters and sponsors – a little thank you goes a long way – particularly when it’s time to ask for support again!


Originally published 15 September, 2015

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