Sports Club Fundraising Ideas

 Choosing Fundraisers to Suit Your Club

Browse the Fundraising Directory and you’ll see 37 distinct categories of products offered for fundraising either as product drives, party plans, events or spur-of-the-moment spends.

Not every one of these works for every group. Look at your group’s  demographics, disposable income, interests and values. Think timing too. Some fundraisers need more lead-time than others to deliver product, and profit.

Ask yourself, how fast do you need to raise the money?

Is it for a long-term goal (perhaps to help pay for a new clubhouse) or short-term (upgrade equipment, offset costs of specialist training etc)? In your favour, club membership automatically suggests a common interest in the sport – and the club. But consider also divided loyalties – particularly if this is kids’ sport and a family has a number of children all playing for different teams or participating in a number of extra-curricular activities!

Club Fundraising Ideas: Product Drives

The following product drives have proven track records for sporting club success:

  • chocolates and sweets – boxes of product are purchased upfront (sometimes a delayed invoice is offered), distributed among club members and sold in  workplaces, to neighbours, family and friends.
  • custom-labelled water – a healthy and practical choice that can be sold throughout a season at games and from the clubhouse.
  • food – orders are taken (from family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues), money received, and products delivered and distributed. Order-based drives do need lead time and volunteers to help with distribution, but involve minimal risk.
  • homewares – whether making a décor statement or, when it’s sport for young kids, displaying artistic as well as sporting talent. Lorraine Lea Linen entered a sponsorship arrangement with Netball Australia in 2008. Since then, it’s helped many other sporting clubs raise money selling its tea towel sets. Clubs order a number of sets upfront and use these to generate more sales. These two-pack 100% cotton tea towels sell for $8. The club keeps $2. Unsold stock can be returned.
  • books – sell from catalogues, books for all ages go down well, or consider publishing your own cookbook! 
  • Customised scratchies – relatively new to Australia (but part of the sporting club culture in New Zealand), presenting an innovative twist to the ‘scratch and win’ concept.
  • Temporary tattoos and customised silicone bracelets leave no doubt where loyalties lie. They’re cheap – and will sell among players and spectators at games throughout the season. Is your goal building related? Align your funding efforts with a buy-a-brick campaign!

Club Fundraising Ideas: Fundraising Events

Sporting clubs promote healthy living – along with an equally healthy dose of competitive spirit. Consider running an a-thon. It doesn’t have to be the traditional walk-a-thon. Use your imagination – swimming, kicking goals, dribbling balls, dancing, walking dogs: here’s a chance for active participation and pledges from team supporters and beyond.

Turn your fundraiser into a social event for the wider community: host a trivia night or a comedy sit-down dinner. Use the clubhouse as a venue to keep overheads down. Maybe a silly match will become the highlight of the year.

How do you celebrate the end of the season? Does it quietly pass by or do you hold an all-in family fun day? Planning an event like this is easy when you tap into the experience of fete greats who contributed to my free eBook How to Organise a Fete. Use the family fun day to celebrate great performances while marketing the club for the next season too. As the sun sets on another season, it’s time for the glow products to come out.

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Originally published 15 September, 2015

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