Solar Buddies

Solar Buddies sunscreen applicators are Designed by Mums, for Kids!

Solar Buddies were born out of the need to find an easier way for parents to sunscreen their children. To stop wrestling crocodiles and make it fun. We wanted to give independence without the mess, the fight, the fuss, and the drama that kids give when the sunscreen bottle appears.

‚ÄčThe Solar Buddies sunscreen applicator is unique because it has been designed specifically as a refillable 100ml applicator that allows you to use a sunscreen of YOUR choice. Whilst we cannot call ourselves officially an Eco product, we are conscious that we are able to reduce plastic waste by eliminating the need to buy several small tubes or bottles of sunscreen and our units are recyclable.

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Kate 08th February 2022

I just can't believe how easy it was to put sunscreen on my two kids. Best buy so far this year.

Chevonne 08th February 2022

So easy to use and great for kids with sensory challenges. My son is on the spectrum so only does things when he is ready. With this he can apply to his own face without the fights and tears.. fun to use and I love how it fits in your bag.

Jennifer 08th February 2022

We absolutely love our Solar Buddies, I especially hated getting sunscreen on my hands as it makes my rings slip off. But the Solar Buddies means i don't have to and thats why i love it.