Snap Button Jewellery

Interchangeable Jewellery

Snap button jewellery is a whole new kind of interchangeable jewellery that features fashion snap buttons you snap in and out of stylish bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. 

You can create jewellery that expresses YOUR personality and style any way you choose! There’s a snap button for every personality, every style, and every occasion including mini buttons, metal, painted and rhinestone buttons.

To change your Snaps, simply snap the button off the jewellery piece and add another button to match your outfit. They are just like pressed studs on clothing, same principle – with snapping and unsnapping.

Hundreds of different designs to choose from that change the look of your jewellery instantly. Change your top, change the centre button on your jewellery as it easily snaps out, then snap a different coloured button on and you are good to go, all matching. 

You can create unique pieces and showcase your individual style and personality, an inexpensive way to have lots of different coloured and styled quality jewellery.

Fundraising with us is a more exciting alternative to chocolate drives and your organisation will receive 30% of sales with little effort.

We also have a kids range which are great gifts for birthday presents and kids are so entertained on how they can add different buttons all the time.

Wear what you love with Snap Button Jewellery.