Slime Spectacular School Fun Run

Have the slime of your life with our brand new Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun! Cover your students from head to toe in vibrant, water-based non-toxic slime as they navigate your Slime Blasters! 

We know how much work goes into hosting amazing fundraisers and for over 20 years, Australian Fundraising have been making fundraising stress-free by doing the heavy lifting for fundraising committees.  We will help you take your fundraising goals to new heights in 2021!

Get more bang for your buck with our Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun, with FREE Slime, FREE Slime Blasters, FREE UV400 Sunglasses, FREE Rainbow Headbands and huge event inclusions!

Slime fundraiser

What is a Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun?

The Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun is the newest high-profit fundraiser exclusive to Australian Fundraising! 

As students work together to overcome your obstacles and navigate your Slime Blaster volunteers, they will be drenched from head-to-toe in our vibrant, water-based non-toxic slime!

You will receive everything you need to host the silliest fundraiser at school, including free vibrant Slime Powder, Slime Blasters, Headbands, UV400 Sunglasses, Event Coordinator Crew Kits, promotional materials and an engaging online platform for students and parents. 

Motivate students to fundraise with the hottest toys in fundraising, or Go Green and make a difference with our tree planting option. With no-upfront costs, a high profit of 60% and incredible fundraising support makes the Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun a memorable experience for students, teachers and families. 

Did You Know? One in every four government primary schools use one of our School Fun Run programs each year! That’s 1,068 schools and over 465,000 students who love our high-energy fundraisers

Technology that drives results 

It’s now easier than ever to boost your fundraising profits with an exciting and user-friendly online fundraising platform.

We have made our cyber-safe online platform as robust as possible, to help ease the load on your volunteers and encourage BIG donations from your school community. 

You will benefit from huge advancements to our online fundraising platform, now with gamification elements to encourage engagement and $200,000 in free sponsorship credits. You can elevate your fundraising achievements beyond what would be otherwise possible.

Plus, with NO online fundraising platform fees when you choose Australian Fundraising, you’re keeping an extra 6.6% more profit. 

What’s included in a Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun?

You are provided with everything you need to reach your fundraising goals and host a stress-free fundraiser for your school or group. 

Your Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun includes: 

  • FREE Slime (2 litres per student),  
  • FREE Slime Blasters, 
  • FREE UV400 Sunglasses for each student,
  • FREE Rainbow Headbands for each student, 
  • FREE Coordinator Crew Kits, 
  • FREE online fundraising platform,
  • FREE online fundraising fees  
  • Choose from incentive prizes or treen planting 
  • Sponsorship booklets, promotional posters, social media posts, assembly scripts, newsletter inserts,
  • Huge vinyl banner for your school fence or common area, and so much more!

Slime your way to success! Find out more and request your FREE information kit today!


Slime fun run


Motivate families to raise more money with the hottest incentive prizes in fundraising. There are new prizes every year, in every single category, and students can reach for bigger goals.

Add excitement and boost participation with our bumper selection of incentive prizes. Offering more prizes across dozens of fundraising milestones, students only need to raise $10 to be eligible for an awesome fundraising prize. From squish balls to smart watches, every family is sure to find a prize to aim towards.

Incentive prizes are an incredible way to motivate students and families to fundraise! They add an additional level of excitement and anticipation that is separate to your event day

green fundraising

Go Green and make a difference! 

Exclusive to Australian Fundraising, you can choose to plant trees instead of receiving incentive prizes. For every $15 raised by your school or group, we will arrange for Carbon Neutral to plant a native tree or shrub in one of Australia’s few biodiversity hotspots.

You’ll also receive FREE sunglasses made wheat-grass fibre, and an official certificate of partnership from Carbon Neutral.

 Have all the fun, without all the landfill. Ask us about Going Green today!

Ready to Race?

Are you ready to slime your way towards your fundraising goals? Registering your school or group is easy with Australian Fundraising: simply complete our easy online Booking Form, and get started today!

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