Sipahh Fundraising Ventures

Sipahh Straws: the new fundraising craze for Aussie schools and clubs.

Australian milk-flavouring straw brand, Sipahh, has launched a low-sugar, high-profit fundraising product which aims to help schools, clubs and community groups reach ambitious fundraising targets.

Sipahh Fundraising Ventures provides two options for schools, clubs and individuals through the sale of Sipahh straws.

“The options – a Fundraising Crate for drives and a Milk Bar with straws for events – offer a healthier alternative and deliver a higher profit margin than many other fundraising options,” marketing manager, Georgie Scott said.

“If a school sells 200 crates, it will make $4,400. That could air-condition a classroom, buy materials to create an edible garden, sports equipment or musical instruments.”

Fundraising Crates for drives

Fundraisers selling a box of chocolates usually have to sell 50 chocolates to make a profit of $20 per box. With the Fundraising Crate, fundraisers need to sell 24 four-packs for an easy gold coin donation of $2 per pack to make a profit of $22 per crate. That’s a margin of 46 per cent.

Fundraising needs to be interesting so people are inspired to get involved. Sipahh offers campaign organisers a fresh idea which is a wholesome, healthy and inventive way to fundraise. It inspires early ingenuity and returns healthy profits in a portion-controlled product which is quick and easy to order online.

Fundraisers tell us they’ve never seen kids drink so much milk. They don’t stop at one cup, they want to try different flavours. One school placed its first order and it went so well that within a week, it placed a second order.

With less than 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar per straw, Sipahh joins the dots for fundraisers. Kids love it, parents endorse it, campaigns are easy to run and are supported with resources such as certificates, tally sheets and payment slips. It’s great for creative and time-poor fundraisers looking for something different which also requires little set-up.

Selling a four-pack for $2 is achievable even for young children. If families have to buy any unsold packs themselves, it’s healthier than chocolate to keep at home and is easily stored.

Any surplus products can be sold through tuckshops, canteens or kiosks. Sipahh is a Healthy Kids Association green-light canteen product in all states except South Australia and it has an Australian Health Star Rating. It’s a win all ’round.

What’s in a Fundraising Crate?

The Fundraising Crate contains 24 packs of Sipahh’s four most popular flavours – Cocoa Bean Chocolate, Luscious Strawberry, Okey Dokey Cookies and Cream and Chilled Out Choc Mint.

With only 24 sales required to sell a crate, each child could be given a whole crate or just one four-pack to sell – a very small commitment which could contribute to a substantial return for their school. We suggest fundraisers order one crate per family then allocate into smaller sizes if required.

It’s easy for organisers to get children and families involved. For ‘kidpreneurs’, every sporting match and play date is an opportunity to sell their favourite flavours.

Milk Bar for events

Sipahh offers a vintage-style, pop-up Milk Bar for events such as fetes, carnivals, local markets and special days.

“The Milk Bar is easy to assemble and just the right height for children to serve from. It’s easy to take down, store and reuse. Fundraisers can either choose from pre-selected Flavour Crates based on recommended popular flavour combinations or they can mix and match the flavours they know kids will love to fill their own crate. Each Flavour Crate contains six 10-packs and there are also old-fashioned milk pails to display straws in.”

Fundraisers loved the theatre and sense of nostalgia of the Milk Bar, she said.

sipahh fundraising milk bar

Top tips for a fundraising drive

  • Register at Sipahh’s online store for an information pack and sample of straws to take to committee meetings.
  • Use a Milk Bar as a collection point to create excitement around a drive.
  • Buy crates for $26, sell each pack for $2 to make a profit of $22 per crate. Sipahh recommends ordering one crate per family, then allocating into smaller sizes.
  • Start with a drive and finish with an event to celebrate the results and sell surplus straws.
  • Reward top selling classes, children or families.

Top tips for a Milk Bar event

  • Ask your local supermarket or milk supplier to contribute to your fundraiser by supplying free milk.
  • Set up a Milk Bar at your school for a week and make each day a themed flavour day.
  • Aim to serve at least 120 people. Sipahh recommends selling a cup of fresh milk and a straw for $2-$2.50.

Find out more (plus request a free sample) here.


Aussie dad, Peter Baron, invented Sipahh to encourage his four children to drink more milk without the overload of sugar found in many other flavoured milk drinks. For his first prototype, he used his daughter’s stocking to invent a straw which turned plain milk into an instant lower-sugar flavoured milk drink. Sipahh, established in 2005, was acquired by Australian grocery sales, marketing and distribution company CTD (Club Trading & Distribution) in 2012. It is now available nationally and in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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