Signup Zone and the Fundraising Directory | Joint Announcement

Signup Zone and the Fundraising Directory

We are delighted to announce that the agreement for the Fundraising Directory to acquire Signup Zone has been finalised! The transition will occur in early January 2019.

Signup Zone is an online rostering tool for community groups. It takes the traditional paper signup form to a whole other level, convenient for volunteers and powerful for organisers.

The Fundraising Directory, established in 2006, is Australia’s leading fundraising resource for school and club volunteers.


Signup Zone was developed in 2014 by Arthur and Anna Street for their son’s school in Sydney. They saw the potential to meet a greater need, so developed it further to become a streamlined, robust platform that has since served thousands of groups, both in Australia and overseas.

The Fundraising Directory was started in 2006 by Mandy Weidmann and Helen Creswick. Following Helen’s passing in 2008, Mandy has continued to grow the directory with the support of a small team of staff. The Fundraising Directory is a print publication sent free to fundraising volunteers, as well as a website full of information and resources to save volunteers from having to reinvent the wheel all of the time. Mandy also runs the Fundraising Whisperer social media presence with tens of thousands of engaged followers.

Arthur and Anna realised that while they had a great product, they did not have the time to engage in important marketing activities. Discussions commenced with Mandy and they soon found that they had similar values and a shared passion for supporting volunteers. It was a natural fit right from the start.

Mandy is delighted to honour Arthur and Anna’s amazing work and is looking forward to showcasing this first-class product to Australia’s community sector and beyond.

How Signup Zone works

Rosters are easy to create using the Signup Zone platform. You don’t need to create an account to start making a signup – just jump right in and enjoy the pleasure that comes with using a well thought-out web tool.

From setting up a simple roster to organising rosters for a large event, Signup Zone’s intuitive interface means that they are easy to set up.

Most features of the platform are completely free and suitable for most purposes. There are certain premium features that attract a modest fee.

The future of Signup Zone and what it means for users

The official transition will occur in early January 2019.

Apart from a brief period of downtime while servers are updated, there will be no noticeable change in the operations of Signup Zone. At this stage, there is no intention to raise fees or to change the business model. If you have a roster currently in operation, it will continue as normal.

Roster organisers will be added to the Fundraising Directory database and will receive their helpful fundraising tips by email. Users can unsubscribe at any time from this database. Users who register to volunteer will not be added to any database.

For any questions regarding the transition, please contact either Arthur and Anna from Signup Zone on info@Signup Zone or Mandy from the Fundraising Directory on

Feedback for Signup Zone

“We are loving Signup Zone. You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into people’s needs, and it shows.” Jon, Iowa, USA

“We are loving your online signups and have several going, including a canteen signup and the band signup. In fact ALL our fundraising… It is making our lives SO MUCH EASIER! Thank you.” Kaz, Sydney, Australia

“We’ve tried other online programs but Signup Zone is a huge improvement – it looks great, it’s easy to use and it does exactly what we need.” Stephanie, Sydney