Sideshow Alley Convenor Resources

Sideshow Alley Convenor

Sideshow Alley Convenor Resources

We want you to enjoy the fun bits of coming up with your sideshow alley games so we’ve taken out some of the hard work and put together a helpful set of resources in one easy download.


Sideshow Alley Convenor – To Do ListpdfDownload
Handover ReportxlsxDownload
Purchase Approval FormdocDownload
Stall Summary of Cash MovementsxlsxDownload
Stationery List for ConvenorsxlsxDownload
Volunteer RosterxlsxDownload

Our Free Resources

This Free Resource is a part of the library we have built up at the Fundraising Directory since we started in 2006! It comes from our commitment (and passion!) to stop volunteers from having to reinvent the wheel all of the time! Many of these templates have been sent in by volunteers just like you, so please feel free to add them to our library at any stage :-). Also, if you’re not yet a member of our site (it’s free!) click the link above to join and we’ll send you a really cool and handy (if we say so ourselves!) Fundraising Planner that we designed ourselves 🙂

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