Shopping Tours

Shopping Tour Fundraising

Combine retail therapy with socialising: book a shopping tour, an all-day spending spree taking participants to factory outlets and discount stores selling clothes, shoes, homewares, glassware, china and more. Many companies run these tours and offer you assistance to make it a positive fundraising experience. You make your money from a margin on the ticket sales and from raffles run throughout the tour.

Choosing to host a shopping tour is a fun way to build community within your group – you’ll get to know one another throughout the day – and make money.

The lead-up to Christmas is an obvious time when people open up their wallets and need to shop;  so a shopping tour overcoming the hassles of parking and taking shoppers right to bargains may appeal. Mother’s Day is another popular choice.

But in reality, shopping is a favourite Australia leisure pursuit year-round. Bargain hinting is a close second!

The real question with timing relates to the people you want on board your bus:

  • Would school hours attract more people or do you need to make this a weekend event? Most tour companies operate Monday to Saturday with the occasional Sunday available.

Click here for our list of fundraising shopping tour suppliers.