What type of sealed containers can you use for a coin drive?

Reader question:

We are doing a coin drive at school & wanted to keep a sealed container in each classroom for the kids to drop their coins in & watch it grow. Besides a 2L bottle, what else could we use? Also, any school that has done the coin drive how much money have you raised?

Here are some reader ideas of what type of sealed containers you can use for a coin drive:

  • We brought $3 containers from the Reject Shop – we are running it for 4 weeks & we count weekly – at the 2 week count we had just over $1,000 – our school has 450 kids
  • Heres a good tip – Our school was concerned with security with leaving money in classrooms overnight, so we ran ‘Five Cent Fridays’ over four weeks. We raised just over $2000 in a school of 615 students. Something to be mindful of – that many 5c pieces are HEAVY! Work out how you are going to transport that kind of volume and weight to the bank before you start.
  • Multiple readers mentioned using 2L or 3L milk bottles due to their convenience to collect them and recycle.
  • There is also the clear plastic flour containers. They are quite heavy duty and wide screw on lids. We have used them for voting activities.
  • I know a school using formula tins.. and taping the lid well and decorations over the top
  • A parent at our school donated some glass biscuits jars.
  • We use clear plastic buckets with lids from $2 shop. Probably around 2ltr each.
  • Heres an image of the buckets one of our readers used:


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